The act of drawing

The act of drawing is an impromptu action that takes place the moment the lead touches the paper.

To use the words of Javier Marias: In a sense, I apply the same principle of knowledge that bolsters life, reality, the world, or whatever you want to call it. We cannot behave, decide, choose, or act on the basis of a known result or of a merely subsequent time; that result or subsequent time must be rooted in real life, whether actively experienced or sustained, without cancelling, altering, or forgetting a thing.

This knowledge allows me dedicate my time to what I call ROAMING.

These words best describe the state of mind of the artist: the need to give voice and body to a specific view of the world.

In the East, a wise man is thought akin to a cane flute, inert, but for the breath of life that fills his whole body and lets him share in the harmony of the universe.

This is the art of Zen, whose sole purpose is to express the flavour of the present. The drawn line is born of the moment, which expands in multifarious shapes as if to immobilise emotion.

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